Happy Birthday - 10 years of open-source development

Ten years ago - on January 24th, 2004, the OpenMPT project was created on SourceForge after Olivier Lapicque opened the source of the original ModPlug Tracker. Since then, a number of people have dedicated their spare time to the OpenMPT project in order to improve the tracker year by year. While development has seen more and less active years, the code base has been constantly growing and a great boost in development has been seen as of late. With the recent release of libopenmpt, an up-to-date, actively maintined and cross-platform module playback library based on the latest ModPlug source code is now available again as well.

Thanks to everyone who has used OpenMPT in the last ten years, and thanks to everyone who actively contributed to it in order to make it an even better music composition tool!


Andalbor says:

Oh my! 10 years! Time flies... I still remember when I learned to use the old ModPlug Tracker before it became an open source project :')

Thank you very much for such a great software. I use it until today :D

zorglub13 says:

My first song was made with impulse tracker on dos. Next, I used modplug tracker and finally Openmpt (midi and vsti). Thanks for your work !

Heretic Beats says:

My path in the DAW/sequencer/tracker world has led me to the following DOS/Windows programs:

1995-1997: Fasttracker v2 (I was 10 years old)
2002-2003: Madtracker v2
2004-now: Fruity Loops (a.k.a. FL Studio)
2009-now: Renoise v2
2012-now: OpenMPT

OpenMPT is amazing - only beaten by Renoise in the tracker universe (a very subjective statement, I know)! More than most need to create what they want. My only wish is that itgot updated more frequently. But it could be much worse.

I just whenever OpenMPT has been updated with some long-awaited feature or bug-fix(es), because each time it's getting nearer and nearer to its expensive, top-professional, highly-praised counterparts such as Cubase, Studio One and Ableton Live - the (positive) difference being that OpenMPT is CPU-easy AND it is NOT bloated with unnecessary features that 90% of users never use :-)

Again, congrats!

Saga Musix says:

I'd say OpenMPT is still receiving "official" updates fairly frequently compared to other trackers / DAWs, if you feel adventerous you can get even more updates by receiving update notifications on test builds (more on that can be found in the manual), however those are considered unstable. We're in the middle of changing a lot of big things, so it's still going to take a few months until we can present a new stable version again.

Marc Shake (tra... says:

Hey Ihr alten Demoscener. 10 Jahre ist das schon her, dass Olivier den Source freigegeben hat? Alter falter, das ist lange her. Ich erinner mich noch daran, wie ich mein MPT-Tutorial geschrieben hab und Sagamusix mich darauf hingewiesen hat, dass es mittlerweile total veraltet ist. Aber hey: Geile Software, nettes Entwicklerteam. MPT4ever. (+Renoise)

Anonymous says:

Way to go! Have to say for starters that MPT gaved me back the music!
At the time it was such a lucky discovery since good old amiga Octalyzer days and my inability to set my brains for horizontal orientation. And a workflow to just punch in the notes with computer keyboard and off to go, it was so much missed with cubase and co.
So.. thanks for giving us who love things to be rather vertical than horizontal a change! ;)

Josh T. says:

I purchased a Renoise licence about 6 years ago, for about $80, had OpenMPT been this great back then I would have skipped Renoise! It's free and so capable! I also love Buzz...