OpenMPT released

This is just a little bugfix update to yesterday's OpenMPT release that addresses a bug that mostly concerns users that never had any version older than OpenMPT 1.23 installed on their system.

OpenMPT was supposed to correct a bug that caused everything to be played too fast on a fresh installation when the user never touched the sound configuration. Under some circumstances, upgrading to yesterday's version could create the opposite effect, i.e. sound was playing too slow. This bugfix release will fix both the new and old bug.
Additionally, a small change has been made to instrument plugin handling: If an instrument specifies a MIDI program / bank to be used, OpenMPT now always re-sends this information after restarting playback. Previously, this information was only resent during first play or when it was changed by the user. This fixes some external softsynths controlled through the MIDI I/O plugin.


Katie Cadet says:

Cool! I've just downloaded the new version. Hopefully it will fix the pitch problems with the sound configurations and the MIDI Sound font issues. I've just downloaded it today and it worked really well on my Acer Laptop with the Windows 7 SP1 64-BIT Operating System. P.S. Previously I was using a test version which is which handled pretty well than the version which had out-of-tune Sound font problems. This one worked pretty well so give it a go!

Nick says:

When you hit the maximize button on a module to make it take up MPT's entire window, and then you resize the main MPT window (to, for example, around 800 x 600), then it causes issues with the Note Recording window that pops up upon double-clicking a cell in a pattern; IE, it appears inside the MPT window, but offscreen so that you can't see or reach it.

I am using version, and I am not sure if this was fixed in yet.

Saga Musix says:

It should always be centered within the editing window, if you can somehow still reproduce this issue on the latest version, please open a ticket on our issue tracker!

SeventhSentinel says:

This version breaks VOPM, and I can't figure out how to fix it. I have reported this issue on the Bugs site. Where can I get the version previous to this?

Saga Musix says:

Have a little harder look at the download page.