OpenMPT released

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.
This is another bugfix to address bugs found in the previous OpenMPT 1.23 release, and also includes a couple of other improvements. These are the noteworthy improvements and changes in OpenMPT

  • Deleting and inserting items in the order list automatically adjusts playback, sequence override and play lock positions.
  • When inserting a new pattern while a +++ or --- pattern is focussed in the order list, use the currently edited pattern for determining the new pattern's length.
  • In windowed mode, the note properties dialog was not always visible.
  • Silencing samples was slightly broken.
  • Sample undo could crash in some situations.
  • In the sample map editor, show faint red dots for notes that are already assigned to another sample.
  • Plugin editor positions are now stored in module files.
  • Allow drag and drop actions on plugin editors to drop preset files from Explorer.
  • Implement ProTracker-style sample swapping correctly, and handle 9xx (Offset) more like ProTracker does in ProTracker 1/2 mode.
  • When resuming paused (not stopped) playback, previously playing samples are continued.
  • "Maintain sample sync on seek" should now also work when playback was previously stopped.
  • When adding a new shortcut that conflicts with an existing shortcut, do not automatically delete the existing shortcut but rather ask the user what to do.
  • Merged "Note Off/Cut/Fade" and "Note Off/Cut/Fade (without instrument number)" to never write an instrument number next to those events.
  • Setting the default MIDI volume behaviour for new instruments in the Options dialog was broken.
  • After loading a new keybinding file, effect keys were no longer working until the user switched to a module with different effect keys.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt as well as the Winamp / XMPlay / Foobar2000 input plugins have been updated as well today, making use of the same playback improvements as OpenMPT.


Silver says:

Are they ever planning on making a version for mac? I really want to try this out, but I don't have a windows OS.

Saga Musix says:

There will probably be a cross-platform version sometime in the far future, but for now you can use Wine or CrossOver, which should work well enough with OpenMPT.

HereticBeats says:


Here is my - much deloayed - "THANK YOU" for the newest version of OpenMPT. I'm always VERY curious to see how far you can take/develope a once so simple tracker.

Today it can hold its own against some of the strong, expensive DAWs - it's just not as luxurious (which is FINE by me).

It's hard to control my excitement, so could you please reveal when the next version comes out? Plus, whether it will have any FEATURE updates :-)

PS: I absolutely LOVE that OpenMPT has become 64-bit! Old news, I know...

dsp2003 says:

I wasn't updating OpenMPT for some time and used, but now I've finally checked the 1.23...

What the fudge is wrong with you, Saga? Have you ever tried working on any non-aero theme with these blue icons? They are ugly as heck. And the way windows are now repainted is NOT compatible with "normal" GDI - they're flashing when switching tabs! You've made me throw 1.23 into trash bin.

If you are developing OpenMPT for yourself, then make a fork for yourself and people like yourself who use Vista/7/8/8.1/10, but please don't force that on everyone else.

Saga Musix says:

Whooow, not so fast with all the hatred. First off, stop accusing me of things that are wrong - I am using the classic Win2k theme myself and the icon set I'm using is way older than Aero. Office 2003 was the first application suite making use of it - three years before Aero, and it already looked nice back then. Judging by your comment I guess you are still using Windows XP, which happens to be the operating system that was all the rage when Office 2003 came out.

However, given that you are only the... I think third person within more than half a year to hate me for using slightly more modern icon gives me a feeling that I have done the right thing.
If you like them or not, that's your personal preference, but so far the other two people before you managed to forget within a week or so that OpenMPT once used icons from Windows 95 - I'm sure you will manage to do the same.
You are more than welcome to swap out the icon resources in the executable if you feel so offended by them, or stop using the software altogether - I don't mind both options.

About your "window repainting" issues - I have no clue what you are talking about, but feel free to open an actual bug report about it, and be sure to add a desciption what is actually going wrong.
Edit: I think I know what you mean with the "flashing", this has nothing to do with GDI or anything but rather with another bug in the MFC code that made random controls disappear. I certainly prefer a little flashing (which I cannot notice here unless I'm using a debug build, so I guess it is only noticeable on slower CPUs) over randomly disappearing controls anytime.

Alex TEHb says:

Whether you multi-languages plan support?
Many computer-musical terms, of course, do not demand transfer.
But nevertheless it is more pleasant to see the menu in a native language...
Make at least English language (a separate file with editing possibility). And fans adapt the languages. Also can send you ready templates.

Saga Musix says:

No, there are no plans at all to do so, at least not with the poor i18n capabilities MFC offers. It's somewhat more likely to happen if/when we switch to the Qt framework as you get i18n for free there.

FWIW, I am not a native English speaker myself and I prefer my programs to run in English language.