Happy Birthday, ModPlug!

It's been 15 years to the day when the very first version of ModPlug Tracker was released by Olivier Lapicque. "ModPlug Tracker 0.0xa pre-alpha" dates back to September 19, 1997. I wonder if anyone actually still has this version. It's great to see that ModPlug Tracker (now OpenMPT) is still alive and kicking after 15 years, even though parts of code clearly show their age and need to be rewritten.
So, happy birthday, ModPlug! Let's celebrate this occasion with cake and and music (minus the cake part).


alexvgrey says:

Happy birthday, MPT!!! Live forever!

k4shik says:

For the ModPlug! Happy Birthday! With love frome Russia!

nekomono says:

happy birthday :D

José Botjones says:

There is some old versions in: http://rigelseven.com/tracker_museum/modplug/

Saga Musix says:

Thanks, but those are the ones from the ModLand collection, I already have those (and they are actually also available on the "Legacy Software" page) - MPT 1.0a5 is already pretty old, but I wonder if there are any of the even older versions floating around.

Le Parasite says:

Happy Birthday!!!

=FL= says:

An excellent tool I used a lot in 1999 and OpenMPT a bit later. Thank you Olivier for your excellent work. I remember I once tried to ask for a file format where VST instruments was saved within, however it got badly turned down :).

DJ Rubert says:

My comment?? Who needs it? OK, OK just kidding :D.

Im very happy that i have a possibility to know such a great program like MPT. I just want to say that my journey with Tracker isn't very long but i think that what matters is how good the trip was. :) Iam pretty young guy so i don't know as much those who have been sticking with this great program many years. As last words I like to say:"Live good and happily life ModPlugTracker!

P.S. Happy 15th anniversary!