The latest stable release is OpenMPT, released on 24 April 2022.

Download OpenMPT Size: 19.3 MB Windows 7 / Wine 1.8 or newer, SSE2-capable CPU or ARM / ARM64
  • SHA-256: b548492bd840f44a2dde51f60127270b7a28b121e38bc9f4c937aa18801cd7d8

The unified installer will install all versions of OpenMPT supported by your system (x86 with SSE2, amd64, ARM, ARM64).

If you are upgrading from an older version, it might be a good idea to read the release notes first to learn about new features.

Open ModPlug Tracker runs on about every computer that has Windows 7 or later (or Wine 1.8 or later) installed. For more details, consult the system requirements.

32-bit or 64-bit, which one is for me?

On 64-bit systems, OpenMPT will install both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of OpenMPT and default to using the 64-bit version. This is generally the recommended version to use, but you may prefer using the 32-bit version if you are using lots of 32-bit VST plugins. In this case, the 64-bit version of OpenMPT may be considerably slower. In summary, here are the conditions under which you should use the 64-bit version:

  • Your computer runs a 64-bit Windows edition.
  • You use no VST plugins, or most of your plugins are available as 64-bit plugins.
  • You need more than 4 GB of RAM for plugins and samples.
  • Do not use the 64-bit version if you use a lot of 32-bit plugins (or vice versa), as this will slow down OpenMPT considerably!
  • Do not extract different portable versions (e.g. x86 and x86-64) into the same folder.

Portable Downloads

It is recommended to use the installer provided above, as it also offers the possibility to associate module files with OpenMPT. However, if you prefer a portable zipped archive, those are also available:

Download OpenMPT 32-bit (zip archive) Size: 11.2 MB Windows 10 / Wine 1.8 or newer, SSE2-capable CPU
  • SHA-256: 91fda89c4d43a7f8581935c402338ecb1b5b432d2b4c6e8d1ece7a37c1376028
Download OpenMPT 64-bit (zip archive) Size: 11.7 MB Windows 10 / Wine 1.8 or newer, 64-bit CPU
  • SHA-256: bee7a772f2add02734f009efce670f4d11a910f0e05823818748b854efe1972f
Download OpenMPT for ARM (zip archive) Size: 11.3 MB Windows 10 or newer, ARM CPU
  • SHA-256: 6564df5ca54ba5fd8ea66accb054340f87404c4b63cded2704c7b70e493f30ea
Download OpenMPT for ARM64 (zip archive) Size: 11.6 MB Windows 10 or newer, 64-bit ARM CPU
  • SHA-256: 3d06e302a7c6bea8c4c3f5a9b1e3d4fb7697b852f3c77f966d89ac9aac6b2227

OpenMPT is also still available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1:

Download OpenMPT 32-bit (zip archive) Size: 10.9 MB Windows 7 / Wine 1.8 or newer, SSE2-capable CPU
  • SHA-256: 273b27fc2197cef567a21fbd68107b7334e0a235ea4418051e286b4ee8a456c8
Download OpenMPT 64-bit (zip archive) Size: 11.4 MB Windows 7 / Wine 1.8 or newer, 64-bit CPU
  • SHA-256: f2a9cffe5d6ec8dfe3c18c0e104b7cb0134d593efff7bfef3e1a8498e606befe

Experimental builds with reduced functionality are available for Windows XP and Vista, as well as newer macOS versions where Wine can no longer run 32-bit applications.

OpenMPT is licensed under the New BSD License.


  • Our comprehensive wiki pages give insight into OpenMPT, not only for beginners.
  • If you found a bug or have a feature request, you can use our issue tracker.
  • Got a problem with the software? Visit our forums and read the FAQ!
  • Subscribe to our RSS feed if you want to be informed automatically about news concerning OpenMPT.

libopenmpt and input plugins

OpenMPT's playback engine can be used in your own projects as well. Have a look at our cross-platform module playing library, libopenmpt! The libopenmpt package comes with pre-compiled input plugins for several popular audio players, so you can use OpenMPT's playback capabilities in your favourite media player as well!

Source code

The OpenMPT sourcecode is available from our SVN code repository and Git mirror. On our development wiki, you will find a detailed description of how to get it running.


Older releases of OpenMPT can be found in the release archive. If you found a bug in the current version or have other issues that prevent you from upgrading, please don't just go back to using an old version - report the bug so that we can actually fix it.

  • The last official version of OpenMPT supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista is OpenMPT See above for experimental newer builds.
  • The last version of OpenMPT supporting Wine 1.6 is OpenMPT
  • The last version of OpenMPT supporting Windows 98 SE, Windows ME (both with KernelEx and all updates installed), Windows 2000, and Wine 1.0 is OpenMPT
  • The last version of OpenMPT supporting Windows 98 SE and Windows ME natively is OpenMPT

Are you looking for ModPlug Tracker 1.16 or ModPlug Player? Have a look at the legacy section!


  • Here's a nice ModPlug wallpaper by Snu. Resolution: 1600x1200, with alpha transparency, so it also works great at other resolutions.