libopenmpt 0.2-beta1 released

libopenmpt is a BSD-3-clause-licensed, cross-platform C and C++ module playback library. It is based on the player code of the Open ModPlug Tracker project.

Since libmodplug, which is based on an earlier version of the original ModPlug code base, had been released, the code bases of other ModPlug descendants (most notably Schism Tracker and Open ModPlug Tracker) had diverged significantly from the libmodplug code base. libmodplug did, in our opinion, not maintain pace all that well - especially regarding playback accuracy in corner cases.

Over the last year, OpenMPT developers refactored the OpenMPT code base in a way such that a player library can be built separately from the tracker GUI again, as it had been possible with the original ModPlug Tracker source code drop by Olivier Lapicque.
In order to avoid possible future source code fragmentation, libopenmpt is, and will continue to be, developed together with OpenMPT itself in the same source code repository.

libopenmpt comes together with a stand-alone command-line/terminal-based player called openmpt123 as well as player plugins for XMPlay (xmp-openmpt), Winamp (and compatible) (in_openmpt) and foobar2000 (foo_openmpt). A gstreamer plugin, gst-nonstream-audio, is currently in the works at A Debian package is also being worked on.

Get more information at the libopenmpt website at


DanH says:

XMP-Plugin works great - nearly the same playback quality in 96kHz like OpenMPT (8-tap poly).
I testet some symphonic it, xm and imf and some tracker testfiles from MAZ for resampling test (it seems a little bit worse than OMPT in my settings - "98%", but much better than XMP itself).

Great work!
I was really looking forward to this, since i saw the code and browsed a bit through - unfortunately i'm not able to "built" myself, lack of some software - and during the year great lack of sparetime.

Hint: define Priority-File-Types in XMP-Plugin settings to make XM-Play in fact using the Plugin

Dhry says:

How exactly do you get this library to override XMPlay's default mod playback again? I went into the plugin and switched the priority to 10 and it still didn't look like it was using it, nor could I select the OpenMPT mod pattern visualization during mod playback. Something I'm missing..?

Saga Musix says:

I'm not sure what you mean by "switched the priority to 10" since neither XMPlay or xmp-openmpt has such an option, but to get xmp-openmpt to play MOD/XM/S3M/IT/MTM files, you simply have to put the string "mod xm s3m it mtm" in the "Priority filetypes" input field in XMPlay's plugin configuration after having selected the plugin.

Dhry says:

In XMPlay, go to Options -> Plugins -> Input then select the OpenMPT plugin. All supported filetypes are listed and then directly underneath that is a "Priority" field. For me that's literally all it says. "Priority". I have my system font set to Tahoma so maybe I'm missing some additional text. I think this is the field you're talking about so I'll add filetype extensions in there instead of a number.

Saga Musix says:

Yes, that's exactly where you should input the priority type list as described above. The label should read "Priority filetypes:", so I suspect that it's a few pixels too short for your system font. You should report that problem on the XMPlay forum so that Ian can fix the label width.
Also, this comments section is not the best place for discussing the plugin, use the appropriate thread on the XMPlay forums or report bugs on the OpenMPT issue tracker.