The new English OpenMPT Wiki goes live

Replacing the old and outdated XWiki, our new English OpenMPT Wiki has gone live today. The articles were written up and copied from Harbinger's Offline Help Manual since last year. Some pages (for example the Pattern Editor page) still need some work, so if you want to contribute, you are invited to write help text for this page or copy more text from the Offline Help Manual.

The Wiki pages have been written with the upcoming OpenMPT 1.20 in mind since OpenMPT 1.20 will come with a manual generated from those pages, so some of them contain information that is not applicable to OpenMPT 1.19.


Anonymous says:

I'm saddened to see you've stopped using XWiki but I'm sure you had some good reasons. I'd love to know the top things you didn't like so that we can work on improving them...

Thanks and good luck with your new site!

XWiki Committer

Saga Musix says:

Well, we have been migrating all parts of this site (forum, wikis, etc.) into a single site, avoiding external services where I don't know what happens with the data, how often it is backed up, and so on. And yeah, I pretty much prefer MediaWiki over XWiki - it would be hard to come up with a list of things I didn't like. Probably it's just the horrible impression of our old wiki after all.

Yahya Abdal-Aziz says:

I've just discovered OpenMPT today, and am chuffed to know the MOD legacy is alive, healthy - and fertile! ;-)

Congratulations on a project that seems to be going from strength to strength! It already handles MIDI, VST effects and instruments, retuning with Scala tuning files and TobyBear's MicroTuner plugin; can't wait to see what the future brings. :-)

I'm also pleased to see that the new wiki uses MediaWiki as its software platform. I tried to find this out by reading the "About OpenMPT Wiki" page, but it was effectively empty. And the "Powered by MediaWiki" logo at the bottom of the wiki pages is just too small for me to read - or even recognise - without zooming in. Perhaps you could use a larger version?

I plan to introduce OpenMPT to the members of the Music SIG of MelbPC, the Melbourne PC User Group, at a meeting early in the new year (2013). I just know that some of them will be very pleasantly surprised!


Yahya Abdal-Aziz
Music SIG
MelbPC (Melbourne PC User Group)
Melbourne VIC

Saga Musix says:

I'm glad to hear that you like OpenMPT!
Well, about the wiki, I don't like MediaWiki enough that I would be proud to plaster the whole page with big images and texts saying "powered by MediaWiki", so I just left the default MediaWiki logo in the footer. After all, this should be fairly easy to recognize that it's MediaWiki by the default style that the wiki uses.