OpenMPT released

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today. Among many bugfixes and other small changes, the following improvements and new features are worth mentioning:

  • Clicking and dragging the row numbers in the pattern editor selects the whole row.
  • The new keyboard shortcuts "Select beat" and "Select measure" can be used to automatically extend the current pattern selection to the beat / measure boundaries.
  • New Find / Replace mode: Find in current pattern selection.
  • New sample editor tools: Create seamless sample loops, sample grid, quick fade.
  • Many improvements in VST hosting.
  • New compatible mix mode for MOD / S3M / XM / IT files (please use this mode when working with those formats).
  • Edit history information can now be read from and saved to IT and MPTM files.
  • Each pattern can now have a custom time signature (rows per beat and rows per measure) in the MPTM format. Time signatures can be edited from the pattern properties dialog.
  • When exporting to WAV, sample-exact cue points are now written at each pattern transition.
  • Most MPT hacks in modules can now be found through View → Find MPT Hacks in Song.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.


Anonymous says:

actually I thought this release was April 1st joke... great job! :]

Anonymous says:

Is not it a joke?

Anonymous says:

it should be a joke because this version is un stable and crashes often. i'm on a mac using wine.

Saga Musix says:

You are two versions behind - wasn't a bugfix release without reason. Try the latest version, it has many bugs fixed (though none of the releases are officially tested on Wine so I dunno if there are any more specific issues with Wine). And if there are still crashes happening, simply report them on the issue tracker linked in the menu on the right. Chances are high that this problem will be sorted in the next release then.