OpenMPT released

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today (kind of as a late birthday present for ModPlug Tracker's 15th anniversary :-).
This update brings some novelties regarding instrument plugins as well as other new features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • Vibrato tracker effects are now also applied to instrument plugins!
  • Overhauled the portamento logic for instrument plugins to make it more straight-forward to use: By specifying the correct Pitch Wheel Depth actually used by the plugin in the instrument tab, all portamento and vibrato commands will sound identical to their sample counterparts.
  • Playback can now be locked to an order range. The range can be specified from the context menu of an order selection. Locked orders are then shown with a different background colour.
  • Added option to the Wave Export dialog to loop a song a given number of times during export.
  • For visual guidance during editing, non-existing pattern numbers are now greyed out in the order list.
  • Added shortcuts and other improvements to the Quick Channel Settings dialog.
  • Randomize Parameters doesn't ask the plugin if a parameter is automatable anymore, as some plugins do not seem to set this property at all.
  • Rewrote the AMF format loaders (for both DSMI and ASYLUM files) to be more precise.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.


fri says:


when seeing the app, I imagined I always wanted to localize tracker next to my other projects (localization of apps described here:, and quite several more). But is OpenMPT multiplatform or could be? Is localization support between its developers intents?

Greetings, Pavel Fric

Saga Musix says:

This has been asked many times, so to keep it short:
- OpenMPT's GUI code is inherently bound to the Windows platform due to the MFC toolkit. There are ideas to port it to a cross-platform GUI toolkit such as Qt, but that will require a lot of non-trivial work, something that is hard to accomplish by a lone developer.
- If we get that far, Qt has nice localization support, but I have stopped thinking about i18n for years anyway - just think of it: How many of the few words in OpenMPT's interface would you be able to translate? Many things simply cannot be translated. The only stuff you could probably translate are some trivial things that everyone should be able to understand anyway.

fri says:

Qt would give it accsess to the rest of the world of happy people. The localization od GUI would be just fine bonus. For very young people, very small, or without any knowledge of English, this could be help.
When planning the future, who knows what will be number 1 between OSs. And Qt gives it quick answer - no worry with it.

fri says:

And the are Instrument names etc. it´s not that trivil.

Analogmoz says:

Excellent work allowing exported waves to loop! A feature I only dreamed of is now a reality thanks to you.