OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.

This is mostly a bugfix release to address problems found in the previous OpenMPT 1.22 release, so upgrading to the latest version is advised. There are a couple of new and improved features, too.

These are the noteworthy improvements and changes in OpenMPT

  • Reading song message in 669, AMS, DMF, FAR, ULT and MTM files and reading modules from ZIP files could lead to crashes in the previous version.
  • Fixed crashes with ASIO devices and another crash that would happen in Quad Surround mode.
  • Clipboard entries can now be renamed in the Pattern Clipboard Manager by double-clicking them.
  • When using Insert Rows, the selection is not cleared anymore, allowing the user to execute the same command several times in a row.
  • When converting to MOD or XM, --- and +++ order items are automatically removed and pattern jump commands are updated accordingly. These items are also no longer supported when saving XM files.
  • Changing MIDI input focus to a plugin editor only worked right after focussing the editor for the first time.
  • Behaviour change: Allow S9F next to a note to work with looped samples.
  • Extra-smooth ramping is now also applied with no and linear interpolation.
  • Per-instrument ramping settings were ignored during wave export in some cases.
  • If an instrument referenced sample numbers ≥ 256, the sample mapping would break in IT and MPTM files.
  • Several playback fixes for XM files.
  • Added support for DIGI (DigiBooster) modules.
  • Rearrange instruments was broken... again.
  • Added "made with" tracker identification to most module formats. Can be viewed in Song Properties.
  • Warning log messages are no longer shown during auto save.

Please note that the offline manual has not been updated for this release, as my main computer is currently not available. This also explains the delayed release of this version.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.