OpenMPT released

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.
It's been about a month since the release of OpenMPT 1.25, and here is the first update to address new and old bugs found in OpenMPT 1.25, but it also brings a few other improvements. These are the noteworthy improvements and changes in OpenMPT

  • MIDI export has been considerably improved. More commands are exported and it uses one MIDI track per instrument rather than one per pattern channel.
  • It is now possible to slice samples at their cue points into several separate samples.
  • Writing FLAC samples with a sample rate above 65535 Hz that was not a multiple of 10 Hz, or any sample rate above 655350 Hz failed. Note for software developers: Since FLAC sample rates are capped at 655350 Hz, OpenMPT now writes the real sample rate in a Vorbis comment called SAMPLERATE if it exceeds this limit. Feel free to add support for this tag in your software.
  • Allow folders to be shown in the lower part of the sample browser through a right-click option.
  • Added Pitch Bend messages to MIDI macro generator.
  • There was an excessive performance drop on some GUI parts in the previous version.
  • Cloning plugins failed to copy the patch data in 32-bit legacy builds (and regular 32-bit builds before OpenMPT 1.25).
  • Loading FXB preset files for plugins stored as parameter sets instead of chunks was broken.
  • Possible crash when resizing pattern during playback with smooth pattern scrolling enabled.
  • Pitch envelopes were upside down in non-linear slides mode since OpenMPT
  • Playback fixes for MOD and OKT files.
  • Various crashes and hangs when loading some malformed files were fixed (detected with afl)

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.
libopenmpt has been updated as well with the same playback and module loader fixes.

By the way, we are still looking for new example songs to ship with the tracker. If you are interested, grab the samples found in the installation directory under ExampleSongs\Samples and use them to create a song, following the rules from the example song compo!


DaVince says:

Much improved MIDI export = just what I've always been waiting for! This is *excellent* news. Thank you so much for working on this feature!

Dmitriy says:

Still waiting for MIDI import improvements

Saga Musix says:

Not gonna happen any time soon. This might be helpful for you, though: (PS: OpenMPT is not a MIDI editor)

Peter says:

Thank you so much for the new midi export functions. This is exactly what I needed. I have tons of old Amigamods which I want to rearrange. Also, I still use Modplug sometimes to create complex drums. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Sean says:

I think it would help showing the possibilities of what can be made. If this has been done I suggest
having those examples handy maybe on the main page.

Saga Musix says:

1) OpenMPT ships with several example songs
2) There are already links to several module sites in the "links" section, where you can download tons of modules made with OpenMPT and other trackers.