OpenMPT released

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.
This is a pure bugfix update for OpenMPT 1.26, addressing an issue with the plugin bridge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update (and possibly some other systems). Windows 10 users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest OpenMPT version. It also contains all other bugfixes that have been made in the meantime:

  • Show clamped values (or "undefined", depending on the format) for out-of-range channel / global volume parameters in the pattern editor status bar.
  • Seeking with sample sync could behave strangely with portamento-ed pingpong-looped samples.
  • Data Entry also modified the effect column when it was only supposed to affect other columns.
  • If the same pattern occurred several times in a row, the previous / next patterns were not drawn correctly.
  • Repeated searches for extended commands (Sxy / Exy) did not remember the correct pattern commands to search for.
  • Improved handling of drum patches in Gravis Patch files.
  • The Genny Beta VST plugin uses parameter values outside the nominal 0...1 range, which broke when loading and saving modules using this plugin. The affected parameters can still not be automated properly, though (the same issue exists in other hosts).
  • Some mouse actions did not work in bridged plugin editors on some systems, in particular with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • Restart position was not read correctly in MOD files if placed in the last two orders.
  • When importing MIDI files, a channel 10 drum program change could cause melodic channels using the same program number to turn into drums.
  • Timing precision was drifting badly in MIDI export, leading to notes not being properly aligned to the PPQN. Pitch bend depth was not always exported correctly.
  • SF2 region fine-tune was not imported at all. Soundfonts should now hopefully be finally in tune! Some sample loops were also not imported correctly.
  • Several crashes with malformed module files, MIDI export and in the MIDI Input / Output plugin.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.
libopenmpt has been updated as well with the same module loader fixes.


c.j.curtis says:

Saga Musix, thank you for your continued efforts in this piece of software where the only true alternative is renoise and commercial efforts, I am wondering if you are aware of a bug in the filters instruments when you set the mixer higher than 44100hz, it does not sound right, it also effects the DX plug in also which is probably bugs from those plug-ins themselves, I use when possible 192000hz to help give better quality sound for my music. Not sure if anyone else gets this issue or not.

Saga Musix says:

There is indeed a bug with filters at very high sample rates, thanks for pointing that out (next time, please do so on our issue tracker ;).
Some of the DX plugins are known to be buggy at least when switching to another sample rate, but I don't remember if that is also the case when reloading the file after setting the sample rate. Some effects like reverbs are hard to make "sound right" (or identical) at any samplerate.

michael says:

will there ever be a way to record into MPT? or copy audio from other programs like audacity and paste into the sample editor?

would be a cool feature to have a record function in the sample editor.

Saga Musix says:

1) Yes, but probably not very soon.

2) OpenMPT already makes use of the standard Windows clipboard for waveform data. It is up to Audacity to implement this mechanism as well. If you want to see it to happen, you will have to send a feature request to Audacity instead.