OpenMPT 1.20 package updated

I just noticed that an unstable version of the MIDI Input / Output plugin sneaked into the OpenMPT 1.20 release package. The file has been updated about an hour ago, so if you plan to use the MIDI Input / Output plugin and have already downloaded OpenMPT 1.20, you should download the file again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous says:

Thanks a lot for this great work !

Anyway, I ust saw a first issue : when loading a "IT" file (using lots of VST and VSTI) that was made with the previous OpenMPT version, all "SC0" (note off) commands have been automatically converted to "v00" commands, and so doesn't stop VSTI notes anymore, of course...

This is the first time I see that, after installing a new version of OpenMPT...

I'm forced to go back to previous version, for the moment.

Saga Musix says:

I see what's going wrong there. Of course SC0 commands should be replaced by simple Note Cuts if possible (because SC0 is supposed to be treated exactly like SC1 in IT files). For the time being, you should replace all SC0 commands by Note Cuts or SC1 commands in the old version and then load those files in OpenMPT 1.20. I will fix the module upgrading so that it will use Note Cuts instead of v00 when importing IT files made with older versions of (Open)MPT.