OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

The long-awaited release is there! As indicated before, OpenMPT 1.23 brings a great bunch of long-awaited features, including a native 64-bit version! But that's not all... Here is a short summary of the greatest new features:

  • To complete the 64-bit version, there is now a plugin bridge that can be used to use 32-bit plugins in 64-bit OpenMPT or vice versa. Note that it is still experimental and won't work with some plugins. It will also introduce a lot of latency, so you will most likely not be able to use it in a low-latency setup. Feedback appreciated!
  • Redo functionality for the pattern and sample editor.
  • A tempo tap button to quickly tap in the desired beats per minutes instead of guessing them.
  • Reduced clicks on badly looped samples when interpolation is turned on.
  • Support for unicode paths almost everywhere (just some internal settings that are written to the settings file might not be saved if the settings folder contains non-ANSI characters).
  • OpenMPT (32-bit) is now large address aware, so more than 2 GB of RAM can be used for samples and plugins on systems where it's available.
  • The icon set has finally be updated, so OpenMPT doesn't look like a 1995 application anymore (more like a 2005 application now). :-)
  • Position marks in the sample editor do no longer flicker and disappear when desktop compositing (and thus, Aero) is turned on.
  • The arpeggio pattern effect does now also work with instrument plugins.
  • Added an option in the plugin manager to scan a folder (including subfolders) for plugins.
  • Added an experimental feature to merge existing modules with an open module. This copies over all pattern, samples, instruments, plugins, etc. as far as it's possible.
  • Another experimental new feature: Seeking in a module tries to keep sample sync, i.e. notes that are still playing from a previous pattern can still be heard. This can be enabled from the general options.
  • The Note Properties Dialog has been simplified from three tabs into one bigger dialog, with much better support for PC events.
  • Double-clicking the instrument library path (first item in the lower part of the tree view) opens a folder browser dialog to quickly browse to a new location.
  • Plugin chain cloning and chain moving.
  • The MIDI Input / Output Plugin can now compensate for OpenMPT's audio output latency by delaying the MIDI output accordingly.
  • Support for up to 250 plugins per song!
  • Sample zoom levels greater than 1:1 have been added.
  • Sample drawing is now available for stereo samples, too.
  • Shift-clicking the pitch / tempo lock checkbox enables / disables the lock for all instruments.
  • A great bunch of playback fixes for XM files in compatible mode and some other formats as well.
  • Missing shortcuts from the default keyboard layout are now automatically added to other keyboard layouts.
  • Effect letter input should now work better on non-latin keyboard layouts, such as cyrillic.
  • Restructured the settings dialog into some more logical divisions.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

Oh, and... Don't get carried away too much by the new useless toy in the About dialog. ;-)