OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.

This is mostly a bugfix to address bugs found in the previous OpenMPT 1.23 release, but also brings a few other improvements. These are the noteworthy improvements and changes in OpenMPT

  • Added possibility to interpolate the instrument column.
  • When removing something from the order list, OpenMPT stays at the previously selected pattern.
  • With overflow paste, marking the pasted pattern area was not working when the paste ended exactly in the last pattern row.
  • Select / Copy Select keys should no longer interfere with mouse dragging.
  • Fixed flickering of current-row highlight in pattern view on Wine.
  • When trying to load a plugin where both the 32-bit and 64-bit version are registered in OpenMPT, prefer the native version.
  • Small fixes in the plugin bridge to address some crashes.
  • Loading ADPCM samples was broken for XM and MOD files.
  • Fixed 24-bit playback with DirectSound and WaveOut in some cases.
  • When loading plugins during startup, the error message that was potentially shown didn't appear in the task bar, making it easy to forget about such a half-initialized OpenMPT instance.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.