OpenMPT released

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.
This is mostly a bugfix to address bugs found in the previous OpenMPT 1.24 release, but also brings a few other improvements. These are the noteworthy improvements and changes in OpenMPT

  • Added suppport for custom pattern fonts as well as upscaled variants of the built-in fonts for High-DPI devices. Ever wanted to write a song using Comic Sans or Wingdings? Now you can...
  • Show verbose pattern effect descriptions in the status bar instead of the short versions.
  • Note-offs from past notes are no longer written when recording notes into patterns.
  • The Parameter Editor refused to work under random conditions.
  • Added new shortcuts in the sample editor to center the waveform display around loop points.
  • The previous version introduced some perceivable performance drops in the instrument editor and sample browser.
  • Vibrato and fine portamento were sometimes too weak in IT files in the previous version.
  • ProTracker-compatible tone portamento behaviour in MOD files.
  • Improved STM playback accuracy.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.


golgi says: thank you saga musix i can track in my native language now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

jintake says:

wtf wow

digitalpcock says:

What do u think ur doin??? (Dont)

TNF says:

This version was released one year ago.. according to the message inside OpenMPT ;)

See screnshot here

Saga Musix says:

Whoops, that happens when the year only chances... well, once a year. :) Fixed the update hint, thanks.

the unknown art... says:

I love tracker software and i use it regularly. My wishlist for the software is short I just hope you can program the use of audio tracks I wish that you could record audio like in acid music and use loops you could show the audio in a track going down the screen...

my other wish is that you could program the software to quantize songs in groovy ways at the touch of a button rather than programming the audio into places with the effects column I have always found it hard to program grooves and if there were just some templates available to quantize groovy licks then I would be happy.. better still you should just be able to hit quantize and pick from a list of templates of different groove patterns...i think that thids feature would take modplug to a whole new level and it would be very easy to accomplish... make modplug greater please........

Saga Musix says:

Both the ability to record samples and have shuffle rhythms without needing to modify any patterns have been considered, but don't ask when they're done.

Josh T. says:

Man, that's picky! Just do some audio in a DAW, export it & put it in modplug. When I do this, I also double it up into 2 tracks, pan them different ways, etc.

Bobweyaddababyi... says:

As a tracker since the Amiga days part of me wants to be all, "You are missing the point of trackers. Point = compact/demo/chip/snes/retro". I mean the point of trackers was to make music for low memory/overhead situations and cross compatibility... though that is more of a side effect (as in the ability to contain samples and sound). I kinda get a kick out of using ancient tech for ancient tech sake. Forgive that attitude if you will.

The kid in me would love as many features as possible though. ;)

Not trying to create any Sugar Frosted Mini Tracker Drama.

TheRaffy says:

Thank you!