OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

The latest version of OpenMPT has been released today.

This is almost purely a bugfix release for OpenMPT 1.25, with few other changes. These are the noteworthy improvements and changes in OpenMPT

  • It is now possible to skip forward / backward in the song with the pattern navigation keyboard shortcuts and scroll wheel during playback if "follow song" is enabled.
  • ID3v2.4 tags were malformed in OpenMPT, leading to the first audio frame being skipped when playing the exported MP3 file. If you make use of OpenMPT's MP3 export, you are strongly advised to upgrade.
  • The plugin gain control in the General tab was not accessible to screen readers.
  • Recording MIDI CCs from MIDI was broken in MPTM files since OpenMPT
  • Opening the MIDI Mapping Dialog from a bridged plugin GUI could freeze the tracker.
  • Global time signature values exceeding 255 rows were not loaded (but saved) correctly.
  • Support for a few more MOD variants (CD61, FA04, FA06, FA08, NSMS and LARD magic bytes).
  • Fixed a few more crashes and hangs encountered in AMF, IMF and MT2 loaders (detected with afl).
  • Some MOD files were erroneously detected as 669 files.
  • MIDI Learn in the MIDI Mapping Dialog did not work when opening the dialog from a plugin editor.
  • Using key bindings in paths longer than 260 characters should now work properly.
  • Disabling "Repeat notes on hold" for all notes at once was broken.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has been updated as well with the same playback and module loader fixes.

By the way, we are still looking for new example songs to ship with the tracker. If you are interested, grab the samples found in the installation directory under ExampleSongs\Samples and use them to create a song, following the rules from the example song compo!