OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

Another small update for OpenMPT 1.27 containing mostly bugfixes and some small improvements has been released today. Most importantly, this update fixes a bug where importing soundfont instruments into IT / XM files accidentally enabled the volume envelope's release node. Since the release node is an MPTM-specific feature, but could still be saved in such files for legacy purposes, the saved IT / XM files could sound vastly different when played in other software. You are strongly encouraged to to update if you make frequent use of SF2 and DLS instruments. The following other things have changed:

  • Keep track of active SFx macro during seeking.
  • Prepend plugin name to default filename when saving a plugin preset or bank.
  • The "note cut" duplicate note action did not volume-ramp the previously playing sample.
  • DSM: Support restart position and 16-bit samples.
  • DTM: Import global volume.
  • Possible crash when calculating song length in patterns with many nested pattern loops.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same loader and playback fixes.