OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

Another bugfix update for OpenMPT 1.27 has been released today. This is likely to be the last maintenance update before the next feature release, OpenMPT 1.28. And while you are already here: Have you heard of the new example song competition for the upcoming release?

These are the most important changes in this release:

  • With "always center active row" disabled, cancelling a pattern selection by clicking into the pattern did not set the cursor position correctly.
  • Reject overly long MP3 / FLAC / Vorbis / Opus / Media Foundation samples.
  • Fix crackling, initial missing frames or sometimes even completely in audible instrument preview in the tree view.
  • The first few frames of previewed notes in the sample, instrument and pattern editors were sometimes cut off.
  • Jump commands on the same row as the end of a pattern loop covering the restart position of the module could cause the module to loop even when looping was disabled.
  • Possible crash with malformed ITP files.<
  • Scrolling with touch gestures did not scroll the pattern, sample and instrument editor contents (despite changing the scrollbar position) on Windows 8 and later.
  • When trying to append a module with differing global swing settings, the time signature was not overridden properly.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same loader and playback fixes.