OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

This is a small update to OpenMPT 1.29, focussing on correcting a number of playback bugs in imported formats:

  • When entering a restart position that points to a non-playable order item, immediately show the corrected value when the input field loses focus.
  • When inverting icons in high contrast / dark themes, only invert their brightness but keep the hue.
  • Since OpenMPT, Note Off / Cut / Fade shortcuts were missing in new installations, when resetting keys to defaults or when importing very old OpenMPT keyboard configurations.
  • Fix possible crash in the keyboard settings panel when resetting keyboard mapping while a separator item was focussed.
  • MIDI Export: In "Melodic (any)" mode, exported MIDI channels were inconsistent between notes / tracker events and Zxx macros past channel 10.
  • DMF: Support early format beta versions (in particular versions 1-4).
  • MED: Support MIDI program change and custom MIDI commands.
  • MED: Also use octave wrapping in 8-channel mode for MMD0/MMD1 modules. If 8-channel mode is activated, BPM mode is now ignored.
  • MED: Emulate tempo commands F01 and F02 quirk. Tempo commands below 32 BPM are no longer interpreted as tempo slides.
  • MED: Do not reject files with no instruments.
  • MID: Relative RPN changes (in particular coarse tune) were not implemented correctly.
  • IMF: Instrument sample mapping was off by one octave, notable in the guitar part of Astaris by Karsten Koch.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same playback fixes.