OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

This update to OpenMPT 1.29 is mostly a bugfix release, but also adds some new keyboard shortcuts and improves existing features. Here are the most important changes:

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing tempo and ticks per row of currently playing module.
  • Launching OpenMPT could take longer than it should depending on the current working directory, e.g. when opening modules from the task bar's jump list.
  • In the General Tab, the tempo slider handle was shown in the wrong position for tempos close to 1000 BPM.
  • Interpolating the volume column between a cell with a Set Volume command and a cell with no volume command but a note and instrument is now possible (it uses the default volume of that sample for interpolation).
  • Duplicating / adding / removing a channel, undoing and then redoing it caused the contents of the last channel to be lost.
  • "Maintain sample sync on mute" was only enforced after manually muting a channel, and e.g. by restarting playback broke it again.
  • Can now resample all samples at once by holding shift when pressing the resample button.
  • Saving an XI instrument from an IT or MPTM module could cause wrong transposition for samples with a middle-C frequency below 8363 Hz.
  • Saving an ITI instrument from an XM module converted auto-vibrato sweep incorrectly.
  • MPTM: The "Do not reset OPL channel status at end of envelopes" compatibility flag was effectively force-enabled for all modules made with OpenMPT 1.29, while it should have been disabled.
  • MPTM: The old OpenMPT 1.28 retrigger behaviour for OPL instruments differed depending on the chosen output sample rate. Retrigger now always retriggers notes as expected, which was already the case when the mix rate was chosen to be 48000 Hz. The corresponding compatibility setting was removed, as it is no longer required.
  • MPTM files with OPL instruments were sometimes written in a way so that older OpenMPT and libopenmpt versions without OPL support could no longer read certain song properties and warn that the file was created with a more recent version of OpenMPT.
  • S3M: Emulate IT short sample retrigger quirk in S3M files saved with Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker.
  • Fixed possible crash when sample-swapping to a previously-deleted sample in MOD files.
  • ProTracker 3.6 doesn't support sample swapping. It is now disabled when loading a ProTracker 3.6 IFF module.
  • Some MOD files with "hidden" garbage patterns were not played correctly since OpenMPT
  • E9x retrigger now works the same way as in ProTracker 2 in MOD files.
  • MDL: Improve auto-vibrato accuracy.
  • In OpenMPT, the "Save As" dialog now may have shown up every time after opening a file in an import-only format. Some actions like running the Automatic Sample Trimmer may have also prevented the dialog from showing up.
  • Exported 8-bit FLAC output was distorted since OpenMPT
  • MME / Wave Out output devices are no longer marked as deprecated for now.
  • Opening the help didn't open the correct page if the upper half of the view was focussed.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same playback fixes.