OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

As a number of bugs was found and fixed during the last few weeks, we decided to release one last update to OpenMPT 1.29 to address various minor issues and annoyances. In addition, this is the first fully code-signed OpenMPT release thanks to a generous donation by an OpenMPT user. This avoids annoying warnings when running untrusted applications downloaded from the internet in modern Windows versions. All that being said, we are still on track for finally releasing OpenMPT 1.30 later this month. If you are curious what's new, you can have a look at the release candidate thread on our forums.

Here are the most important changes of this update:

  • Samples extracted from MTM files through the tree view were corrupted.
  • Clicking on folders under soundfont items in the tree view caused some instrument of that soundfont to be played since OpenMPT
  • Effect visualizer: Enable PC event mode if the only command in the whole selection is a PC event, even if it is not on the first row.
  • Switching to an OPL instrument after a zoomed-in sample was shown and not scrolled entirely to the left didn't display the OPL editor correctly.
  • Removing unused samples may have removed samples only played by instrument-less notes.
  • The logic when to turn off the resonant filter was broken in some edge cases since OpenMPT
  • OPL: Improved channel allocation strategy when there are lots of faded-out notes.
  • Disable FT2 arpeggio quirks for XMs made with Skale Tracker.
  • Ignore O00 commands in files created with Scream Tracker 3.00 and 3.01, as this command only gained effect memory in version 3.03.
  • Digital Tracker MODs have four unknown bytes right after the magic bytes which seem to be ignored even by Digital Tracker itself. Just skip over them.
  • IMF: Implemented XE1-XE3 commands, which disable individual envelopes. Command Nxy (cutoff slide + resonance) is now also partially supported (only resonance for now).
  • IMF: Filter envelopes were upside down.
  • MT2: External samples with relative paths pointing to the parent directory (like some MadTracker 2 example songs) didn't load correctly.
  • SF2: Fix stereo samples once again.
  • Wine Integration: Some files were missing.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same fixes.