OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

This is the first update to OpenMPT 1.30, addressing a number of new and old issues found in the previous release:

  • Improved startup time for OpenMPT configurations with many / large soundfonts.
  • New option "Play whole row when navigating" can be found in the general settings to play the current row when navigating vertically.
  • New keyboard shortcut "Toggle row playback when navigating" to toggle aforementioned option without having to visit general settings.
  • Seeking in the module now updates filter state, plugin dry / wet ratio and plugin parameter changes from MIDI macros.
  • Better display of finetune command semantics when there's an instrument number next to the command.
  • Note Properties: Switching to / from an extended command broke effect parameter display.
  • Display of large directories in the tree view could be rather slow due to trying to resolve links for pretty much any file.
  • When browsing the contents of a module, the "back" mouse button now behaves the same as the backspace key (it goes back to the directory containing the module).
  • Added tooltips to disabled controls on the General Tab explaining why they are disabled.
  • Newly created samples no longer set the default cue points to multiples of 2048 samples.
  • Added sample editor timeline context menu entry to quickly add a cue point if there are any unused cue points.
  • When an exising sample already uses the .s3i extension, offer it as the default format to save the sample.
  • Added S3I to default format choice in sample editor settings.
  • Fixed a crash when hovering sample display of a sample slot that failed to load an external sample.
  • MOD / XM command EBF is now converted to MPTM / IT / S3M command DFE instead of DFF, as the latter slides up, not down.
  • Introducing the "Send OPL key-off when triggering notes" compatibility setting broke retrigger for OPL notes in S3M again (they retriggered rather than not retriggering).
  • Retriggering a note in S3M no longer resets its pitch after a portamento, just like in IT.
  • Loosened MOD VBlank timing heuristics so that "frame of mind" by Dascon plays correctly.
  • Small playback improvements for DIGI, DSym, MED and SymMOD files.
  • Fixed a possible hang when closing a module containing 65536 or more patterns.
  • The automatic sample trimmer sometimes calculated incorrect sizes for samples played in reverse and bidi-looped samples.
  • SF2: Support tuning on the preset level.
  • When opening files, they are now first tried to be loaded as modules, and only when that fails they are tried again as an archive. This fixes loading songs using plugins that store their plugin data chunk as a ZIP file (e.g. RetroPlug).
  • When trying to open a malformed file in a new OpenMPT instance and sending this file to an already running OpenMPT instance, the newly launched instance tried to open the file a second time after the other instance gave up, so two error messages were shown.
  • The search filter in the compatibility settings dialog is now case-insensitive.
  • Fixed a crash in the MIDI macro editor when there's an invalid character in a MIDI macro string that wasn't entered by the user but was already present in the file.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same playback fixes.