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by Saga Musix

This update to OpenMPT 1.31 is mostly a bugfix release. It's been a while since the last release, and after a much-needed break, we are back with quite a few bugfixes, other small improvements and a handful of new features. Here's a list of the most notable changes in this version:

  • Can now convert sustain loops to normal loops and vice versa. If both loop types are set, the commands swap the two loops.
  • Using the new hidden setting Pattern Editor.IgnoreSongTimeSignature, it is now possible to ignore the time signature provided by the module and use the pre-configured defaults from the Display tab instead.
  • Notes no longer hang on transpose or data entry.
  • Data Entry could insert volume column commands even in MOD format when turning "virtual" default volume commands into real commands. This feature of Data Entry is now disabled for MOD files, as the alternative - moving the newly-added command to the effect column - would be counter-intuitive.
  • Transpose value was sometimes off-by-one after manually updating a sample's middle-C frequency.
  • Avoid accidental single-pixel sample data selections and jumpy selection start / end points with zoomed-out or auto-zoomed samples.
  • SFZ: global_label opcode (instrument name) is now read and written.
  • Prior to OpenMPT 1.30, if an instrument was set to use MIDI program 1 or bank 1, this program or bank change was not set to plugins (unless another instrument previously explicitly selected a different program or bank for this plugin). This was fixed in OpenMPT 1.30, but that behaviour change broke existing modules, so for tracks made with earlier OpenMPT versions, the old behaviour is applied again.
  • A few more IT compatibility flags are now disabled for modules saved with earlier Schism Tracker versions.
  • MIDI macros were reset in IT 2.14 / 2.15 files that declared to be compatible with older IT versions.
  • OKT: Work around missing negative arpeggio implementation by transposing the notes up an octave. Channel volume commands were sometimes lost over less important effects.
  • IMF: Do not verify magic bytes in sample header. "Leaving All Behind" by Karsten Koch uses unexpected magic bytes, Orpheus ignores them just like the instrument header magic bytes.
  • Gzip archives: In some cases, decompression failed despite the file being valid.
  • Opening links through the Open File / Save File dialogs could lead to a crash.
  • OpenMPT no longer ran on Windows N editions without the Media Feature Pack installed since OpenMPT
  • Keyboard configuration: Switching between categories broke in OpenMPT
  • Moving a plugin didn't update its MIDI mapping directives.
  • MIDI Export: Exported drum keys were off by one since OpenMPT unless Mapped mode was chosen.
  • Copying an instrument from another module (through the tree view or when appending modules) that referenced a tuning didn't copy that tuning over to the current module, eventually leading to a crash when the other module was closed.
  • Fixed possible inconsistent UI state after removing instruments.
  • The instrument library search filter was no longer applied when the library was refreshed.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes and the full version history.

libopenmpt has also been updated with the same improvements and fixes.