Twenty Years Of ModPlug Tracker

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by Saga Musix

According to the changelog, the first alpha version of ModPlug Tracker was released on September 19, 1997. While we still have not been able to track down this exact version (the earliest we have is MPT 1.0 alpha 5), it surely is a remarkable milestone in history, being one of the earliest trackers on the Windows platform, and certainly the oldest Windows tracker still being developed very actively.

For those of you who are wondering what might be coming next, the next big milestone, OpenMPT 1.27, is now feature-complete and will be released once a bit more testing has been done. We have worked on it for about a year and only backported some smaller improvements and bugfixes to OpenMPT 1.26 during that time, but now you can finally expect some new and exciting features including VU meters for instrument plugins in the pattern editor, fading from and to arbitrary values other than 0%, better accessibility for visually impaired users, improved resampling accuracy, support for SFZ instruments, much improved MIDI import, a special resampler mode for Amiga modules to faithfully emulate the Amiga soundchip, a new LFO plugin to control parameters of other plugins and countless other things. Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday, ModPlug Tracker!