Website Update

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by Saga Musix

We have decided to change the platform this website is running on from Drupal 7 to a static site generator. Drupal is an impressive piece of software, but it grows bigger and bigger and is way beyond what we need for our website. While Drupal 7 is still supported with security updates, upgrading to the latest version would most likely be a lot of work for little gain.

Hence we converted the page into a statically generated website. The only observable difference for visitors should be that as a result, the ability to comment on news articles is lost, and old comments were not transferred to the new site. While it would be technically possible to add support for comments, we believe it is not worth the effort, and you are welcome to discuss OpenMPT news on our forums instead. If you have any issues with new OpenMPT releases, you can also report them on the issue tracker.