OpenMPT released

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by Saga Musix

After four months of development, it's time for the next big OpenMPT release, and OpenMPT 1.25 brings a great bunch of new and improved features.

The biggest change is probably that there is now a third flavour of OpenMPT: The default 32-bit builds are now optimized using the SSE2 instruction set and require Windows 7 or later to run. Older operating systems and CPUs without SSE2 are still supported through a separate build. The 32-bit OpenMPT installer contains both builds and chooses the most suitable one for you. When using the zip package, you will have to pick the correct version on your own. The 64-bit package requires Windows 7 as well, so on 64-bit Windows XP and Vista, it might not work as intended and you will have to resort to using the 32-bit version for now. This might change if a great need for a legacy 64-bit version arises, but we currently doubt that this is the case.

For more information, there is a forum post about the different OpenMPT configurations.

Here is a short summary of the most notable new features:

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OpenMPT code repository has moved

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by Saga Musix

After the latest (and ongoing) major service outage at, we decided to finally move our subversion source code repository away from their site and onto our own server.

The new code repository is located at and can be browsed comfortably through WebSVN - this is also where you can download code snapshots and read commit logs. Our new repository is mirrored in several physical locations.

The old commit mailing list is still alive, and you may also receive commit notifications by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Further information on migrating your own existing working copies can be found in this forum post.